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Our members work in a variety of fields within local government, from Community Development and Planning, to Finance and Human Resources. They also have a variety of special interests, such as staying in touch with alumni from a past LG Professionals SA program they've attended or connecting with counterparts in other councils. Our Networks bring together like-minded local government professionals from across SA to connect, network, learn and share with each other and the wider sector. 

Member Network Benefits

There are many benefits associated with being part of one of our Member Networks, such as:

  • expanding your professional network
  • accessing professional development opportunities
  • establishing strategic alliances with other key associations
  • promoting the sector and the important work we do
  • learning new tools and techniques to achieve professional and personal growth
  • representing SA in relevant national bodies
  • being part of a professional group that may be sought by the LGA or other levels of Government to comment on policy issues.

As a member of a Network, you will also have access to blogs and forums on a variety of topics relevant to the Network.

All Networks are governed by a Network Coordinating Committee.

To find out more or to join one of our networks, please contact us via the contact details below.

Our Member Networks



Melissa Davis-Bishop
Manager - Professional Networks Engagement
e: melissa@lgprofessionalssa.org.au                

p: 08 8224 2091

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