A hybrid program for women in leadership roles who want to
build executive presence and operate in the workplace
with power and purposes

Program Overview

The LG Professionals SA Career Catalyst Program is designed for female leaders who want to build a strong leadership legacy and identity, without compromising their values, wellbeing or relationships.

The program equips participants with:

  • a deeper understanding of their current professional terrain, and the skills and tools required to navigate it with resilience and authenticity
  • skills to build an authentic 'leadership presence', communicate with clarity and increase workplace impact and influence
  • an understanding of how gender dynamics can influence workplace, particularly leadership experience, and tried-and-tested tools to respond effectively to bias and double standards

Designed to be highly interactive with an emphasis on peer learning, the Career Catalyst Program is made up of a virtual orientation session, two-day in person workshop and three virtual implementation sessions, which provide ongoing accountability, the opportunity to troubleshoot, experiment, celebrate successes and share insights and support with co-participants.

Participants can expect to build:

  • Career Courage
    • The skills to dial down your inner criticbuild your workplace presence and profilerecover from setbacks and take action even when you feel fearful, awkward or uncertain.
  • Career Clarity
    • The ability to articulate your unique combination of skills, strengths and needs, identify how to develop your capabilities and profile in your current role and plan for the next phase of your life and career
  • Career Confidence
    • The self-belief to make daily choices and bigger decisions based on your own values and priorities - not on gendered social norms, fear of the unknown or other people's expectations. 

In addition, we are pleased to offer all participants complimentary access to the self-paced Hacks for Her Career Clarity Bootcamp – to support you in determining ‘what’s next?’

A four-week, self-paced, online program that provides step-by-step guidance to create a Road Map for the next phase of your life and career.

The Career Clarity Bootcamp is designed as a short, action-oriented learning experience that supports women to develop the skills and mindsets required to navigate the 21st century workplace with courage and confidence. The Bootcamp equips participants with the knowledge, skills and confidence to:

  • Identify and articulate their unique combination of strengths, skills, values and priorities
  • Solicit -and respond positively to - feedback, both positive and constructive
  • Cultivate and sustain mutually beneficial professional relationships and networks

Who should attend

Women in leadership roles, from first time managers to senior leaders.

Key Dates

Thursday 8 February 2024          1:00PM – 2:30PM

Thursday 22 February 2024        9:30AM – 5:00PM 

Friday 23 February 2024             9:30AM – 5:00PM

Wednesday 28 February 2024    1:00PM – 2:30PM

Thursday 7 March 2024               1:00PM – 2:30PM

Thursday 14 March 2024             1:00PM – 2:30PM


This program will be delivered over four online sessions and a two-day in person workshop at LG House.


Members $2,000.00 + GST =$2,200.00

Non - Members $2,454.55 + GST =$2,700.00

Registrations have now closed.



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