A network that raises the profile of people and culture professionals in local government and focuses on the strategic role they can play in the sector

Network aim

The People and Culture Network aims to create opportunities for local government people and culture professionals to connect, collaborate, influence and grow.

  • Connect: To bring together people, ideas, experience and strategies.
  • Collaborate: To work collectively and share knowledge, resources and tools.
  • Influence: To raise the profile of People and Culture Professionals in local government, with a focus on the strategic role they can play.
  • Grow: To create professional development opportunities for People and Culture Network members.

Who should join?

LG Professionals SA members who work in the field of People and Culture / Organisational Development.

How to Join?

If you are an individual member of LG Professionals SA, or your Council or Subsidiary has a Council or Subsidiary membership, you are invited to express your interest below to join the People and Culture Network.


Upcoming People and Culture Network events


Jordan Littlefair
Network Chair
Manager People & Culture
City of Onkaparinga

e: jordan.littlefair@onkaparinga.sa.gov.au
0435 344 794


 Melissa Davis-Bishop

 Manager - Professional Network Engagement
 e: melissa@lgprofessionalssa.org.au 
 p: 08 8224 2091

Mailing Address: 148 Frome Street ADELAIDE SA 5000   Phone: 08 8224 2080   Email: admin@lgprofessionalssa.org.au

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