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24 Jun 2013 10:36 AM | Anonymous
This month we speak with Kylie Flynn, a graduate of the PLP (Professional Leaders Program) and a past participant in the LGMA Emerging Leaders Program.

Kylie talks about her role, and how she thinks Council relationships with their communities will change over the coming years.

Hi Kylie - thanks for speaking with us.

What’s your current role, and what does it involve?
Customer Team Development Coordinator, Community Relations; ensuring team members are trained in all aspects of their role through performance development strategies and quality assurance.

The City of Onkaparinga is the largest metropolitan council in South Australia and as such we have four Customer Service locations throughout the area that are touch points for the community. Our team takes pride in what we do with a focus on service delivery and quality, advocates for the customers that contact us.

Where were you before and what attracted you to your current role?
Prior to working in local government I lived overseas working in the tourism and hospitality sectors. When I returned to Adelaide with my young family, Local Government seemed a natural transition to move into with the skills I had. I saw local Government as providing a valuable service and resource for the community and this resonated with me.

What is the most satisfying thing about working in Local Government?
Local Government is diverse and varied, everyday there is something different giving me the opportunity to make a difference and positively impact others.
I enjoy developing and getting the best out of people in my role and I actively do this myself. I have been fortunate to have the support to develop myself, completing a Bachelor of Behavioural Science, as well as participation in some the LGMA’s programs including; Management Challenge, Emerging Leaders Program, and Professional Leaders Program.

Speaking about your role - How do you think Councils have changed their relationship and interface with customers and the community over the last 10 years?
It is challenging for councils large and small due to the complexity of the responsibilities we all have. We are no longer ‘rates, roads & rubbish’. Along with this, technology has evolved, our lives have become busier and community expectations have grown along with this.

The role of Council is to be the spokesperson for the community, to act on behalf of and provide the resources needed. Councils are certainly now working more collaboratively with communities to enable a successful and sustainable future.

How do you think that relationship will evolve? 
The relationship will continue to strengthen and change as we take advantage of technology to connect further with our community. I am also keen to see what lies ahead with the Council referendum in September and what impact this will have for Local Government in future.
What’s the longer term plan – where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I see myself continuing to work in Local Government, linking my qualifications and experience in other roles in future where I can have a positive influence and impact for the business.

What’s your most embarrassing Local Government moment?
Hmm, I try to forget those. Which one? I do recall spending a considerable amount of time trying to start a fleet vehicle in the manager’s car park only to eventually realise it was a hybrid vehicle. I still hope that no-one noticed that one. Too late now I suppose!

How do you spend your leisure time outside of Local Government?
I enjoy having a busy and full life with family and friends with various sports and outdoor activities. We are fortunate to have at our doorstep some fantastic beaches down south and we are all actively involved in Surf Life Saving, where I manage a Nipper age group at our club in the summer months.

Recently, I have explored my ‘creative side’ and taken my hand to silver jewellery making. Friends and family are enjoying the handmade gifts and I am enjoying the process.


  • 25 Jun 2013 9:08 AM | Dana Bradshaw
    Love your work Kylie! You are an inspiration to work with.
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