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28 Mar 2012 5:39 PM | Anonymous

This month we talk to Diane Adamo, Senior Consultant – Culture & Leadership at Adelaide City Council

Hi Diane - What do you enjoy most about working for Adelaide City Council?
I enjoy working with staff from all levels across the organisation to determine, build and deliver initiatives and strategies that build Organisational transformation programmes, identifying opportunities for cultural change and alignment, employee engagement, performance/leadership Development and implementation of key OD initiatives that support and reinforce the culture that both meet the needs of the business and objectives set.

What do you enjoy least?
The administrative aspects of the role.

What would your staff say is your “trademark” saying?
I’m a ‘Team Leader’ and I think my team would say my trademark saying is “look at things from staff at all levels perspective, engage and collaborate with the business and apply the KISS principle”.

Did you think you would be doing this 5 years ago?
Yes – I’ve worked in the Strategic HR space (Organisational Development) for over ten years – I love the challenge, opportunities and satisfaction it provides

What would you be doing if it wasn’t working in Local Government?
Working in a similar capacity in the corporate environment.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I’d like to work in a ‘Consulting Capacity’ working with various businesses on determining and building effective strategic HR initiatives that both add value to the business and deliver a return on investment.

What’s a typical day?
It’s filled with ‘people’ – meetings, coaching, developing, engaging and collaborating with the team and staff across the business to determine, build and deliver initiatives.  Writing lots of papers that ‘introduce and sell’ these initiatives and seek endorsement from our Executive Group.

What’s keeps you busy outside of LG?
My family and friends – socialising and eating, my puppy, my yoga, my writing.

What’s your desk look like?
It has pictures of my family; several used coffee cups, a few fun objects – like a wooden massager and bumble bee paper holder and lots of files/papers strategically placed in piles surrounded by loads of resource materials and books.


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