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04 Dec 2011 8:56 AM | Anonymous
This month, we speak with Katie Symes, Policy Officer – Coast & Communities at the Local Government Association.

Hi Katie - thanks for being the subject of our member profile this month.

How did you get into your current role?
I was already working at the LGA when my current position was created. I was really enjoying the challenges of Local Government and having a background in environmental science I jumped at the opportunity to apply.

What do you like best about the current position?
Working at the LGA means I get to work with all 68 Councils and my current portfolio allows me to work across a number of areas, so there’s always something happening. But if I had to pick one thing - nothing beats a successful funding bid for Councils.

What advice would you give someone looking to get into a similar role?
Having the qualifications is one thing but getting out there and getting some experience is so valuable. Also get out there and speak to people in the role. It gives you a great opportunity to find out what really happens on a day to day basis and if you’re suited to the job. You never know it just might open the next door you walk through.

What’s next for you?
I hope to continue to expand my knowledge and skills at the LGA and work towards a more senior role. I am also hoping to do some post graduate studies next year which I’m really looking forward to.

Why did you join the LGMA(SA) and their Network/s? I became a member through the Emerging Leaders Program. Through the LGMA I have found an amazing opportunity to build networks and I have had the chance to hear from some fantastic speakers. 

Describe a typical day for us…
I’m not sure if there is a typical day but there are a few things you can be certain of …the next State Executive meeting is just around the corner and reports need to be written, a submissions deadline is quietly sneaking up and a new issue or opportunity is about to tap you on the shoulder.


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