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29 Apr 2024 11:17 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

This month we spoke with Lucas Trevisan - City Planning Coordinator, Whyalla City Council, about his role, professional development and what's next for him. 

How long have you been in local government and what is your role?

My journey in local government began four years ago, when I started at Port Augusta City Council. For the first two years, I honed my skills as a planning officer, gaining valuable experience in the intricacies of the planning process. Looking to broaden my horizons, I then transitioned to Whyalla City Council, where I continued to thrive in the planning officer role for another two years. Recently, I'm thrilled to share that I've been promoted to the role of City Planning Coordinator! I'm energised by this new challenge and excited to leverage my experience for the benefit of Whyalla City Council.

What does a typical day look like for you?

A typical day for me involves a healthy mix of tasks that keep things interesting. The core of my role lies in the day-to-day assessment of residential, commercial, and industrial developments. This involves carefully reviewing applications, ensuring they comply with the relevant code performance outcomes. While this meticulous analysis is essential, a truly fulfilling aspect of my role comes when I'm invited to participate in strategic-level meetings. Being part of these discussions allows me to contribute my planning expertise to shaping the future of Whyalla. It's a privilege to see the bigger picture and use my knowledge to help guide long-term decision-making.

You recently participated in the Australasian Management Challenge, how would you describe your experience?

The Australasian Management Challenge was an intense experience that tested our limits and kept everyone on their toes! There were moments of high stress, as we tackled each task as they came in—often coming down to the line. But woven throughout the day were moments of camaraderie and laughter. The Whyalla team was truly amazing. We bonded closely as we strategised together, pushing each other to think outside the box or just simply reassess. Looking back, I'm most grateful for the sense of teamwork and the friendships forged in that pressure cooker environment. The Challenge wasn't just about competition; it was about growth. I believe each member of the team emerged with valuable insights and sharpened skills. Personally, I'm excited to see how this experience propels everyone forward in their local government careers!

2024 was the first year Whyalla City Council has participated in the Australasian Management Challenge, what would be your advice to others thinking of participating in the Management Challenge?

While Whyalla City Council's participation in the Australasian Management Challenge was a first this year, I can confidently say it won't be our last! For anyone considering joining the Challenge, my biggest piece of advice is to embrace the experience and have fun with it. Yes, it's a competition, but it's also a fantastic opportunity to develop your skills and broaden your understanding of local government. One thing I truly valued was the chance to connect with colleagues from entirely different departments. Taking the time to talk to these individuals provided valuable insights into their areas of expertise. This broader knowledge base proved to be super beneficial throughout the challenge, as we tackled tasks that spanned various council functions. So, if you're on the fence, I say go for it! The Challenge is an incredible platform for learning, growth, and even a little friendly competition.

What’s next for you in your professional development journey?

My journey at Whyalla City Council is far from over! While I'm thrilled with the promotion to City Planning Coordinator, I'm always looking for ways to expand my knowledge and take on new challenges. However, my ambitions extend beyond the walls of local government. I'm fascinated by the planning process at all levels, and I envision myself one day working across the entire spectrum. My ideal career path would involve transitioning from local government to state government, gaining a broader perspective on policy development. Following that, I'd love to delve into the private sector and experience the fast-paced world of a planning consultancy. Ultimately, my dream is to culminate these diverse experiences by opening my own planning firm, where I can create a dynamic and client-focused practice.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

Outside of work, I enjoy a variety of hobbies. My partner and I are currently renovating an old cottage, which requires a hands-on approach and consumes a lot of my time. I also enjoy photography and woodworking, which allow me to express my creativity in different ways. These activities provide a welcome balance to my professional life.

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