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24 Nov 2012 3:34 PM | Anonymous
This month we speak with Shane Thompson, Manager, Community Development at Mid-Murray Council.

Shane, thanks for talking to us.
What’s your current role, and how long have you been doing it? 
I have been Manager Community Development at Mid Murray Council for almost 3 years. What was your previous role? My previous role was Marketing and Strategic Projects at the Rural City of Murray Bridge for 5 year.

When did you decide to get involved with Local Government? 
I was employed at the Murraylands Regional Development Board and worked in partnership with the Rural City of Murray Bridge on different projects. An opportunity came up with the RCMB that provided more job security and career pathways.  

What attracted you to the sector?
The opportunity was the initial attraction and the sector provides good security, working conditions, diversity of roles and experiences plus training and development opportunities.

What do you love about your role, and working for a  council generally?
I love working with a fantastic community development team who are delivering great outcomes throughout our vast geographic area. I enjoy working for a supportive Council, the diversity of my role so I never get bored and being able to make a difference in the community.

What would you be doing if it wasn’t working in local government? 
Working in hospitality management, sitting on the couch watching sport and drinking wine or delivering basketball junior development programs because I have done them before or enjoy doing them. The only problem with all of them is the hours and pay is terrible!

What are you “famous” for at Mid-Murray?
Recruiting the healthy lifestyle programs who are trying to make us all healthy! Wanting everything to be ‘funky’!

Do you have an embarrassing moment in your work life that you are willing to share? 
On about my second day at the RCMB I was MC for a large Reconciliation Day Event with about 400 people in attendance. One of my new colleges told me that the Mayor had to be addressed as ‘His Excellency’ so I did as I was told to follow the correct protocols and kept looking like an idiot in front of the large crowd.

What advice would you have for others seeking to get involved in local government? 
Go for it! There are good career pathways, conditions, training and development opportunities.



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