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A word from the President 

As the incoming President I would firstly like to acknowledge and express appreciation for Paul’s leadership of our Association over the past 12 months. Under Paul’s leadership the Board and the Association has progressed significant work around the delivery of a new approach to our marketing and branding, a commitment to advocacy in conjunction with Local Government Professionals Australia, the development of a new membership model and the diversity of our Board Membership.

Thank you also to our outgoing Board Members, Nigel Morris, District Council of Yankalilla, Peter Bice, Adelaide Hills Council, Alan Harvey, City of Burnside and Hugh McIntosh, City of Adelaide for your passion, insights and commitment to our Association.

I would like to congratulate our new Board Members Deb Larwood, District Council of Kimba, Nat Traeger, Kingston District Council and Thuyen Vi-Alternetti, City of Marion on their election to the Board and of course Mark Withers, City of Port Adelaide Enfield on his re-election to the Board.

I look forward to working with the new Board and our team in furthering the work around our Strategic Initiatives, to continue to support our Members and develop Local Government people.

Finally I would like to wish all Members the very best as we approach the upcoming festive season.

Michael Sedgman

November 2020
Edition 110

A word from the Acting CEO 

Thank you to those who joined us last week for our very first virtual Annual General Meeting – it was heart-warming to see so many members present to show their support of the Association.

In light of the challenges and significant pressures presented over the last week, we are pleased to extend the registration deadline for the Executive Leaders Program to Friday 27 November 2020, to take the pressure off and allow you more time to complete your registration. Should you have any questions about this innovative leadership program please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Wishing you all the best for this home stretch to the holidays—a great time to nominate for a Leadership Excellence Award and register for an event or two as you reflect on the year gone and consider your personal goals for 2021.

Stay safe and well,


News Flash

Executive Leaders Program - Registration Deadline Extended - Now Closing Friday 27 November

Program Commences
Tuesday 2 February 2021

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Challenge yourself!
Registrations will be opening soon for the 2021 Australasian Management Challenge -  to be held Thursday 29 April 2021.

Keep an eye on your inbox in the coming week for more information!

Meet Natasha Grigg

We recently chatted with Natasha Grigg, Manager Lending & Treasury at LGFA about her career background, current role and what she enjoys doing outside of work. 

What is your role at LGFA and what does it involve?

I am the Manager Lending & Treasury at the LGFA. My primary role is to ensure that we are supporting our councils in local government to borrow and invest funds at competitive rates. 

Where were you prior to LGFA?

I have come from a banking and corporate treasury background, in a range of organisations – most recently at the National Australia Bank where I was a director of financial markets, looking after a portfolio of clients to assist in managing their debt and foreign exchange exposures.

What is an interesting fact about you that not many people know?

That I am half Scottish, half Filipino and can speak Spanish and Mandarin Chinese.

How do you spend your leisure time outside of work?

I have 3 kids under the age of 10, so if I’m not busy with family life – I do enjoy the outdoors. Whether it be a run along the Torren’s Linear Trail, a hike in the Belair National Park or a swim at the beach – the fresh South Australian air keeps me happy! Also, a glass or two of South Aussie wine keeps me pretty happy too!

20th Annual Leadership Excellence Awards

Nominations are now open for our 20th Annual Leadership Excellence Awards Program. Please remember, there is no project too small! We are looking forward to reading about all of the fantastic initiatives you have undertaken in the last 12 months.

Award Categories for 2021 are:

  • Emerging Leader of the Year
  • Excellence in Cross Council Collaboration
  • Community Partnerships and Collaboration
  • Excellence in Local Economic Development
  • Excellence in Environmental Leadership and Sustainability
  • Leadership in Community Services and Development
  • Excellence in People and Culture
  • Excellence in Infrastructure Delivery

We are pleased to also introduce the following new categories for 2021:

  • Excellence in Disaster Recovery / Emergency Response Management
  • Excellence in Diversity and Inclusion
  • Excellence in Customer Service or Experience

Nominations close
Friday 29 January 2021

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Member Profile - 
Proudly sponsored by 

Jacki Done

This month we caught up with Jacki Done, Manager People & Culture at City of Charles Sturt about her role, why professional development is important and her role as Chair of our People and Culture Network.

What is your role and what does it involve?

I am the Manager People & Culture at the City of Charles Sturt.  Our team partners with our organisation, working to ensure we maintain a highly capable and motivated workforce. Read more...

Upcoming Programs & Events 

IGNITE Program - Registrations close Friday 4 December
The Ignite Program is a leadership learning path for supervisors, team leaders and coordinators in local government. The program spans 12 program days, and is delivered over 11 months. It has been designed to engage participants by regularly reflecting and debriefing on the local government challenges they face, and sharing strategies which have been successful or failed, all in the spirit of learning. 

Upon successful completion of our Ignite Program, participants will receive full accreditation of Certificate IV in Leadership and Management.

Program Commences
Tuesday 2 February 2021

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Annual State Conference - Trust & Collaboration: unlocking results

Trust and Collaboration play a vital role in delivering results for our communities.

The conference program will look at trust through the lens of ourselves, our teams and our communities, as well as exploring the vital role trust plays in successful collaborations - leaving us feeling positive, uplifted and inspired.

Conference date: Friday 19 March 2021

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We caught up with one of this year’s Emerging Leaders Program cohort, Aaron Curtis, Team Leader Planning, Development Services at City of Salisbury to find out how he's finding the program.

What made you sign up for the Emerging Leaders Program?

I’d heard really good things about the program from Local Government colleagues and the opportunity presented itself at Salisbury and I just had to take it on. I wanted to challenge myself and get myself out of my comfort zone and it was the perfect time to give it a go. I’m so glad I took it on, the program has a good balance of theory-based learning from very experienced staff from UniSA as well as practical application to Local Government. Despite what Covid has thrown up, the program was really well organised and was adjusted to suit the circumstances.

The most recent module focused on sustainability – what were some of the takeaways from this module?

The key takeaway for me was that Local Government can and does play a significant role in supporting sustainable communities, environmentally, socially, and economically.  Local Government is more relevant than ever in supporting sustainable communities.  The module had some really good speakers that spoke to the work the Local Government sector is taking to deliver sustainable communities such as the proposed investment in a new material recovery facility by the Cities of Charles Sturt and Port Adelaide Enfield that will support recovery of co-mingled recycling generated in these communities while at the same time reducing the cost profile for these Councils.  The module evoked some really good discussion from a range of speakers.

What are you most looking forward to as the program closes?

The program has been really challenging and it does require some commitment both during work hours and after hours.  I’m looking forward to taking a break and spending time with family from what has been a very challenging year.  That said, the program has given me the chance to connect with so many new Local Government employees and I look forward to keeping in touch with my new friends. The program has also left a lasting impression on me in terms of my appreciation of the business and psychological theory behind some of my practical learning that I’ve gained working in a leadership role in Local Government the past 5 years.  It has given me the appetite to take on further business studies.

New Members

Welcome to our 51 new members! Click here to see the list.

We look forward to providing support and professional development opportunities through every stage of your local government career.

Please contact Rhiannon for further details on corporate partnership opportunities.

Sponsor Insights

In early March the LGA wrote to the LGFA to ask if the LGFA could provide support to the South Australian Local Government Sector, both during and after the COVID-19 emergency. Read more...

Network News

Below you will find all of the upcoming Network Forums and Meetings.

If you would like to know more about our network offerings you can reach me at tahlia@lgprofessionalssa.org.au or phone 8291 7994.

Tahlia Willey
Network and Program Officer

Network Forum: Conversations about Remuneration
Friday 5 February 2021
10:30 AM - 3:00 PM
The Gallery, 30 Waymouth Street, Adelaide
Further details will be available soon

Informal Catch Up
Tuesday 9 February 2021
2:30 PM - 3:45 PM
Virtual (via Zoom)
For Network Members Only - contact Tahlia for more details.

Network Forum
Thursday 11 February 2021
9:15 AM - 12:15 PM
Location TBC - Available via Zoom
Further details will be available soon

Committee Meeting
Friday 12 February 2021
9:30 AM - 11:30 AM
LG Professionals SA Offices and via Zoom
All network members welcome!

Network Forum
Friday 5 March 2021
10:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Location TBC
Further details will be available soon

The Local Government Meeting is one of the only opportunities this year to meet your cross-council peers and network with national professionals face-to-face and through digital platforms. This must-attend professional development event will cover the renewed financial sustainability challenge, disaster mitigation and recovery, diversity in leadership, the future skills of local government professionals, and much more over two engaging days of interactive sessions. Meet your peers and join the conversation.

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About Local Government Professionals Australia, SA

LG Professionals SA is a not-for-profit member based association representing professionals working in local government in South Australia. 

We have the ability to link and connect people from different councils who may not otherwise form relationships or share. 

Our high quality professional development programs and networking events are uniquely local government – reflective of the culture of the sector and sensitive to the needs of its professionals. 

The content of our events and programs are informed by our members and people who genuinely care about the sector. 

We provide a safe and supportive environment in which to grow and learn while creating opportunities to make time away from the office to work on the business or on self. 

We award and acknowledge achievements of excellence.

We are proud to be part of a national Federation of State based Local Government Professionals Australia organisations, supported by a national office dedicated to supporting the National Local Government sector.

LG Professionals SA   5 Hauteville Terrace, Eastwood SA 5063   Phone: 08 8291 7990

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