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A word from the Acting CEO

Welcome to the August edition of Leaders Connect – another bumper edition.

August has been a busy one for LG Professionals SA – we’ve held several Short Courses, Network Forums and meetings and were thrilled to be able to host our Community Managers Network Conference face to face – with 115 attendees. We’re also busily planning and preparing for our upcoming events and launch of all Leadership programs for the coming year.

To those of you interested in broadening your leadership skillset through any of these programs, make sure you register for the Virtual Information Sessions – details below. Often the fear of the unknown may hold us back from pursuing opportunities - join us in these informal sessions and ask any questions you may have.

Speaking of leadership, if you are interested in sharing your passion for the sector and supporting the development of local government people, I encourage you to consider submitting a nomination for the Board – information will be sent to all Members in September however if you’d like to discuss what’s involved in being a Board Member in the meantime please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Stay safe, stay well, and happy reading!


August 2021
Edition 119


Time is running out to register your team for the 2021 Rural Management Challenge!

The Rural Management Challenge presents a great opportunity for regional councils to develop their staff through an accessible and cost effective developmental program. The Challenge is designed to stretch comfort zones and expand skill sets, delivering many benefits to team members. As some tasks or issues may be outside the team members' usual role, it provides the perfect opportunity to broaden their understanding of different areas of the organisation. 

The 2021 event will be held on Thursday 18 November 2021 in the Adelaide CBD.

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Join the LG Professionals SA Women's Network for their third forum of 2021.

We welcome Sam Schirmer and Bridget Johns as guest speakers for our Women's Network forum, Find Time for You.

Forum runs on Friday 17 September, 9:30 AM - 12:00 PM.

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We are your association, and we are here to support you on your career journey.

Not a member? Check here to see if your council or subsidiary is a member - if so, you can activate your membership for free!

We've put together a list of 10 great reasons to join as a member of LG Professionals SA - see the full list here.

Our range of Networks provide you with an opportunity to create lasting connections with peers who share a common idea or experience. You can share information, support one another and raise awareness of your profession through the sector. 

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An update from the Community Managers Network Committee Chair

The 2021 Community Managers Network Conference ‘Made to Measure’ was held on Friday 20 August. Over 115 attendees from a range of levels of local government shared in the critical topic of measurement in our communities. As we strive to deliver value for our communities, being able to collect the right data in the right way is critical to informing decisions about performance and direct scarce resources towards areas of improving customer satisfaction.

The program included a fantastic line up of speakers including Stephen Yarwood who gave us a snapshot to challenge our outlook of what the future will hold for our communities, Darren Button from Health Q Consulting broke down the essentials of output and outcome measures and how to develop them in a meaningful way, Barbara Binns presented a touching case study on the Weavers Program that demonstrated the need to develop a meaningful evaluation framework to capture the effectiveness of your program/initiative, our panel of Simon Faivel, Katherine Russell, Ross Womersley and myself provided different perspectives around measurement.

Simon Faivel then joined us again to present a workshop on how to develop a measurement plan while avoiding the 7 pitfalls in outcomes measurement, Shona Reid, CEO of Reconciliation SA who presented on closing the gap and the need to amplify First Nation voices, and Sarah Zanker who used real data from local Executive level leaders and Elected Members to showcase how to present data into stories for your audience to relate to.

The day would not have been possible without the team at LG Professionals SA who work so tirelessly to create such amazing development opportunities for our network.

Carla Leversedge, Chair, Community Managers Network

Member Profile -
Proudly sponsored by

Michael Taggart

This month we caught up with Michael Taggart, Inclusion Project Officer at City of Salisbury about his role, the Community Managers Network and what he's been working on.
What is your role and what does it entail?

I am the City of Salisbury’s Inclusion Project Officer responsible for the development of Council’s Disability Access and Inclusion Plan (DAIP). The DAIP is mandated by the Disability Inclusion Act 2018 (SA). Council’s DAIP is called the Ability Inclusion Strategic Plan, and with its implementation plan aims to include people living with disability across all population diversity in the design of every aspect of Local Government functions. Read more... 

New Members

Welcome to our 89 new members! Click here to see the list.

We look forward to providing support and professional development opportunities through every stage of your local government career.

We caught up with one of this year's Emerging Leaders cohort, Sally Bartlett, Information Management Lead - Operations at City of Charles Sturt to find out how she's finding the program so far.

What made you sign up for the Emerging Leaders Program?

Following a transition to a new team and team leader position, I saw the Emerging Leaders Program as an opportunity to increase my knowledge and understanding of local government and further develop my leadership skills and confidence, in order to become a more effective and valuable leader within my portfolio and the wider Charles Sturt team.

The most recent module focused on ‘A Rural Perspective’ – what were some of your takeaways from this module?

Firstly, as someone who has only worked for a metropolitan council, it was interesting to learn about the different challenges facing rural councils and how they manage these through sharing of resources with neighbouring councils.

I was also surprised to hear that regional communities place higher expectations on senior leadership staff representing council at community events etc, whereas in my experience this has predominately been the role of the Elected Members in metropolitan councils (in most instances).

Lastly, I really loved hearing about all of projects (development, open space and recreation improvements etc) that the Rural City of Murray Bridge has and is continuing to deliver to improve liveability in their area and achieve their target of boosting population to 25,000 by 2030.

What are you most looking forward to as the program progresses?

I am looking forward to working more closely with the members of my project and module teams, investigating our project topic in further detail, delivering an interesting and engaging module session and most importantly, at the conclusion of the program, bringing back my learnings to my portfolio and the organisation.

Tuesday 14 September 2021 - 9 AM - 4 PM - Held virtually

Many leaders find conversations about performance to be difficult and too often avoid them altogether.  Providing feedback, particularly when a team member’s performance falls short of expectations is one of the most critical functions a leader performs. Yet for many this is one of the most dreaded and avoided.

This course enables participants to develop skills and confidence in holding these conversations in an easy and comfortable environment. Participants are provided opportunities to engage with a new and contemporary approach. They will prepare for effective performance conversations in their workplace.

Suitable for: Coordinators, Team Leaders, Managers and Executives

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Congratulations to the Campbelltown Waste Warrior Team for the #giveanhour Waste Warrior Project, winner of the Leadership in Community Services and Development category at the 20th Annual LG Professionals SA Leadership Excellence Awards earlier this year. We chatted to Tracy Johnstone, Manager Community Services & Social Development at Campbelltown City Council about the project, the benefits of entering and what it meant to receive recognition for their project.

Can you give us an overview of the #giveanhour Waste Warrior Project?

When Campbelltown Council received a grant to expand its kitchen caddy food recycling system in July 2020 to an additional 18,000 residents, it wanted a different way to engage with the community and deliver the baskets. Councils Environment & Sustainability & Community Development Teams joined to launch the ‘#giveanhour’ project. #giveanhour supports everyone who can to give one hour of their time to make Campbelltown an even greater place to live. The kitchen caddies provided the perfect opportunity to launch the first #giveanhour project known as ‘Waste Warriors’.  

In just over 2 months, Council had 198 registered Waste Warriors who provided over 1000 ‘give an hours’ to assemble 18,000 caddies, pack 9,000 caddies with compostable bags and information and deliver 9,000 caddies to people’s front door. 

Waste Warriors included children and families, young people, older people, people with a disability and community groups. The success of the Waste Warriors was due to the ease of registering; flexibility to contribute as much or as little as they liked at different times including weekends, weeknights and daytime; it was practical and tangible with Waste Warriors seeing their achievements weekly; and people were motivated by the project purpose of reducing food waste to landfill.

Why did you enter the Leadership Excellence Awards? 

The Local Government Professionals Australia, SA Leadership Excellence Awards are an excellent annual event to showcase and celebrate projects across Councils. Every year I read the nominations and get inspired by what other people are doing. Council and Staff were so proud of the Waste Warrior project -  we really wanted to share this across the Local Government sector so I decided to nominate.

What does winning this award mean to Council, staff and the community? 

Council, staff and Waste Warrior volunteers were all excited to win. It was an award that staff happily accepted on behalf of the Waste Warriors – the 198 community members who gave an hour or more of their time to complete this project. Campbelltown Council is such a great place to work to try new things and the Campbelltown Community never cease to amaze me with their endless enthusiasm and generosity with which they share their time, knowledge and skills. 

What would be your advice to others thinking of nominating for a Leadership Excellence Award in the future? 

I would encourage anyone to nominate, it isn’t about winning, it is about celebrating an achievement you are proud of and sharing with other Council’s what you are doing too.

Have you worked on a project that is worthy of recognition? If so, make sure you keep an eye out for the 21st Annual Leadership Excellence Awards Call for Nominations - coming soon.

We offer a range of leadership development opportunities for every stage of your local government career. 

Our Leadership Programs will be launching for 2022 over the coming months. 

Find the right program for you.

Our Ignite Program is tailored specifically to new supervisors, team leaders and coordinators. 

Program Runs: February - December 2022

Want to know more about the Ignite Program? Register to attend the information session on Wednesday 13 October 2021.

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Our Emerging Leaders Program is for aspiring leaders seeking to increase their understanding of leadership concepts and practices and how to integrate these learnings into the workplace.

Program runs: June - December 2022

Want to know more about the Emerging Leaders Program? Register to attend the information session on Thursday 10 February 2022.

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Our Strategic Management Program, delivered in partnership with UniSA, is designed for mid-level leaders who want to broaden their thinking and understand where they fit in their organisation, to influence for maximum impact.

Program runs: February - August 2022

Want to know more about the Strategic Management Program? Register to attend the information session on Thursday 30 September 2021.

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Our Executive Leaders Program is for leaders who are seeking to expand their minds to new ways of thinking, delivering and managing as well as amplifying their leadership impact.

Program runs: February - April 2022

Want to know more about the Executive  Leaders Program? Register to attend the information session on Tuesday 12 October 2021.

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Network News 

LG Professionals SA Members are invited to join one of our many Networks.

Networks are groups of professionals who share a common interest or experience. We run a comprehensive range of Network meetings and forums throughout the year, offering staff the opportunity to learn and develop whilst sharing and networking with peers from their own and other councils and subsidiaries, across the state.

Our Networks include:

  • Women's Network
  • People and Culture Network
  • Community Managers Network
  • Continuous Improvement Network
  • General Managers Network 
  • CEO Network
Join a Network today

Below you will find all upcoming Network Forums and Meetings.

If you would like to know more about our network offerings you can reach me at tahlia@lgprofessionalssa.org.au or phone 8291 7994.

Tahlia Willey
Network and Program Officer

People and Culture Network Catch Up
Thursday 2 September
9:30 AM - 10:30 AM
Virtual via Zoom

For Network Members Only – Contact Tahlia for more details

Community Managers Network Committee Meeting
Friday 10 September
9:30 AM - 11:30 AM
LG Professionals SA Office, 5 Hauteville Terrace, Eastwood and via Zoom

For Network Committee Members Only - contact Tahlia for more details

Women's Network Forum: Find Time For You

Friday 17 September 2021
9:30 AM - 12:00 PM
Apex Park Reserve and Community Centre, 616 Burbridge Road, West Beach and via Zoom

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Continuous Improvement Network Catch Up
Friday 8 October 2021
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Physical location TBC and via Zoom

For Network Members Only - contact Tahlia for more details

CEO Network and General Managers Network Joint Forum
Friday 15 October 2021
1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
City of Salisbury Community Hub, 34 Church Street, Salisbury

Details will be released soon.

We caught up with Michael McCarthy, Manager Governance and Property at City of Mount Gambier about his recent participation in and graduation from our Strategic Management Program (SMP).

I have been employed within the local government sector in South Australia for 15 years. Although I was aware of the
LG Professionals SA program, I had never participated until now.

The City of Mount Gambier takes part in a range of sector development programs including the Rural Management Challenge and Emerging Leaders Program. In 2020, Council committed to supporting places in the
LG Professionals SA: Strategic Management Program delivered jointly with the University of South Australia.

I was particularly interested in the ‘Understanding Financial Reports’ module. I found the whole program very interesting and it both confirmed and broadened my knowledge and thinking about how various and competing strategic, financial and operational matters need to be brought together in such a way so we can efficiently and effectively deliver the services our Elected Members and communities expect.

Participating in the program was both challenging and rewarding. The academic content and assessment encouraged me to take the leap to further tertiary study after 14 years, and working with other local government participants created a networking opportunity while making the content more relevant to our roles and the challenges we face.

If you are interested in our Strategic Management Program - please express your interest and we will be in touch when the 2022 prospectus is available. 

Express Your Interest

Alternatively, you can register to attend our information session to be held on Thursday 30 September.



Kim Shearing, previously Business Partner People and Culture at City of Holdfast Bay has commenced as People Services Business Partner at City of Adelaide.


Women's Network Conference 
Friday 5 November 2021

LG Professionals SA Annual General Meeting
Thursday 11 November 2021

Economic Development Conference
Friday 12 November 2021

Annual State Conference 
Friday 18 March 2022

Australasian Management Challenge
Wednesday 4 May 2022

Leadership Excellence Awards Gala Dinner
Friday 27 May 2022

Are you involved in your council’s emergency response?

Time is running out to register for the 2021 LGA Emergency Management Seminar ‘Better Together’, to be held on Thursday 9 and Friday 10 September at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre.

This year’s theme ‘Better Together’ emphasises the importance of council and other agency staff not only supporting their communities during emergencies, but also each other.

This seminar will provide participants with the opportunity to explore not only how we can work together but how we can lead inclusive emergency management and look out for each other during the process. Register to add to your emergency management toolkit before the upcoming emergency management season.

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2021 LGA Council Best Practice Showcase, Conference and Annual General Meeting

Beyond the Horizon

Do we plan for the future we can see, or the future that we want?

This LGA major event, scheduled for 28 and 29 October at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre, is set to feature projects and presentations from councils that are turning aspirations for tomorrow into actions for today. It is an opportunity for SA councils to share, learn and celebrate how councils are pushing boundaries and looking ‘beyond the horizon’ for a better South Australia.

Is your council delivering value to your community with innovative projects or demonstrating excellence in a given field?

If so, the LGA invite you to inspire and challenge your local government colleagues by submitting an expression of interest to showcase your projects or services.

For more information and to express your interest, please visit the LGA website

LG Professionals SA Sponsorship and Corporate Partnership

Do you work for or know an organisation who would be interested in gaining exposure to local government professionals through sponsorship with LG Professionals SA? 

As a not for profit association, LG Professionals SA rely on the support of sponsors to be able to continue to deliver the range of high quality events and professional development programs that we are known for.

Partnering with sponsors also creates opportunities for our members to learn, build relationships and receive best value.

Please contact Rhiannon for further details on corporate partnership opportunities.

About Local Government Professionals Australia, SA

LG Professionals SA is a not-for-profit member based association representing professionals working in local government in South Australia. 

We have the ability to link and connect people from different councils who may not otherwise form relationships or share. 

Our high quality professional development programs and networking events are uniquely local government – reflective of the culture of the sector and sensitive to the needs of its professionals. 

The content of our events and programs are informed by our members and people who genuinely care about the sector. 

We provide a safe and supportive environment in which to grow and learn while creating opportunities to make time away from the office to work on the business or on self. 

We award and acknowledge achievements of excellence.

We are proud to be part of a national Federation of State based Local Government Professionals Australia organisations, supported by a national office dedicated to supporting the National Local Government sector.

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