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The Emerging Leaders Program (ELP) is delivered by LG Professionals, SA in partnership with Executive Education at the University of Adelaide.  It is a seven month experiential learning program which includes a group project. The program is accredited towards an MBA.

To view the Program prospectus including accreditation pathways, click here.

The ELP aims to provide participants with the following:

1.      A greater level of comprehension and understanding of local government

2. Increased understanding of leadership concepts and practices and how to  integrate the learnings into the workplace

3.      Increased confidence

4.      Enhanced self awareness

5.      An appreciation of and an ability to work with different personality types

6.      The opportunity to challenge their assumptions

Emerging Leaders Past Projects

2015 Local Government's Role in the Transformation of South Australia
Related Videos as shown at 2015 Presentation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aXZiRhwWPyY&feature=youtu.be
2014 To cap, or not to cap? And, related Interview with Darren Styler, Manager Finance, City of Onkaparinga.

2013 Community Expectations of Local Government: Are They the Heart of Communities?

2012  Local Government: Does the squeaky wheel get the grease?

2011 Local Government: Democracy, Bureacracy or...?

2010 Amalgamation: Is it a Dirty Word?

2009  Local Government: Are Women the Answer?

Upon completion of the ELP, participants can join the Leaders Alumni Network.  For further information click here.

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