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June 2016

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A word from the CEO

June has been a ‘head down, bum up’ kind of month for many of us in local government and it is just so easy for us to become addicted to ‘busy.’ That’s why it has been fantastic to see so many of you making time to attend our programs and events. 

Our Imagineering session on local economic development was attended by 100 people across 34 councils, we have seen members taking advantage of free Leadership Lab sessions and last week I had the great joy of facilitating the final day of this year’s Professional Leaders Program. 

Two key themes have emerged from these events: Innovation and Telling Our Story.  We must challenge ourselves to be more creative, think outside the square and be brave in putting our ideas forward. 

We need also to do a better job of telling local government’s story, the story of our successes, our efficiencies and our connection to the local community.  The next time you are out with friends, tell them that you love being part of the sector, share stories of the impact your work.

Together, we can all do our part to raise the profile of this great sector and the talented professionals who work within it. I hope you enjoy this edition of Leaders Connect!



News Flash!

Leadership Capability Framework

LG Professionals SA has developed a Leadership Capability Framework, enabling councils to work collaboratively and have a common understanding of the capabilities required at all levels of leadership.

This project has been funded by an LGA R and D grant. 

We are now ready to pilot Version 1 of the Framework.

To read more about the Framework, including the Terms of Reference for the Pilot Group and the Guidelines for feedback please click here.


Save the date

Rural Management Challenge
Thursday 13 October 2016

The Rural Management Challenge will be held on Thursday 13 October at the Clare Valley Country Club. 

The Challenge is good fun, great value and provides a hands on approach to leadership development that translates into relevant tangible benefits for individuals, teams and councils.

Time to think about registering a team!  Last year we had 7 rural councils participating and would love to see at least 10 participating this year.  

Don’t have enough staff in your council to fill a team? No worries! Contact neighbouring councils and form an Inter-Council team!  You only need 5 people and a mentor to form a team.

Have questions?  Contact Rhiannon at or 08 8291 7990. 

Book your accommodation early!
If you're putting in a team this year we strongly recommend you book your accommodation early to avoid disappointment! The Clare Country Club currently has some great deals on accommodation if you book through their website

2016 Women’s Network Conference
Friday 28 October 2016 at the Morphettville Racecourse

We have an exciting program lined up for this conference, so make sure you put the date in your diary so you don't miss out on what is always an inspiring and fun day for women in local government.

The program and registrations details will be circulated soon.

We hope to see you there!


LG Professionals SA Membership

As reported in the last newsletter, membership of LG Professionals SA falls due on 1 July on which date you will be automatically invoiced.  Anyone who pays their membership by COB on the 1 August will automatically go in the draw to win a $300 Myers Voucher.

Each year we work hard to deliver quality events and programs to our members and we have lots of exciting things planned for the forthcoming year.  Free membership of the University of Adelaide’s Leadership Lab for our members will continue again this year and if you haven’t already taken this up we encourage you to do so as there were 12 or more excellent events on offer for our members in the past year.

The cost of Membership has risen slightly this year to $270 for Individuals and $220 for Fellows, but we’re sure you will agree it is still value for money.  If your council hasn’t taken out a bundle membership before you might like to think about it. For more information download the flyer here.

We look forward to your continuing support and membership in the coming year.



Member Profile - Proudly sponsored by

Michael Collins

This month we speak with Michael Collins, Manager Projects and Procurement at Coorong District Council.

Michael tells us why he was attracted to the sector, his commitment to professional development and what he learned from the recent LG Professionals SA 'Imagineering' event.

Coorong District Council recently won the LG Professionals SA Award for Excellence in Local Economic Development for the SA Motorsport Park - a major economic development project in Tailem Bend.  Michael explains how this came about and how the community will benefit.

Hi Michael - thanks for speaking with us.

What’s your current role, and what does it involve?

My current role is Manager, Projects and Procurement at Coorong District Council.  This role incorporates; project managing the delivery of Council’s capital works program, contractor management, procurement, managing Council’s administration and works vehicle fleet, and looking after Council’s property interests (leases, licences, permits, road closures, sales and acquisitions).

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Sponsor Insight - Norman Waterhouse - Myths Busted

by Sean Keenihan, Chairman, Norman Waterhouse Lawyers

Norman Waterhouse has a long and proud partnership with local government driving economic development through a range of innovative and progressive programs and projects.

I recently spoke to a group of local government professionals where we debunked  myths that are often barriers to successful  council involvement in driving economic development in local communities.

The principles, roles and functions of Councils contained in the LG Act together with the powers conferred in the Act provide Councils with considerable flexibility and capability to shape and directly influence community prosperity.

In the presentation I highlighted examples where local government professionals had exercised professional skill and judgement to:
•    secure best value for money in procurement;
•    leverage community assets effectively to enable business and community growth; or
•    apply regulatory powers in an enabling framework
and achieve significant transformational outcomes for their communities.

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Industry Trends -  is city living bad for your health?

Our planet is fast becoming an urban one. At the beginning of the 21st century, the majority of the world’s population still lived in the countryside, but, by 2050, more than 70% of us will be city dwellers.

Across the world, many cities are struggling to keep pace and to offer a healthy environment for their booming populations.

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Imagineering -
Local government's role in economic development: from dream to reality

On Wednesday 1 June LG Professionals SA hosted a workshop about connecting innovative creativity with successful business strategy, featuring the winner and finalists of the inaugural 2016 Excellence in Local Economic Development Award. Congratulations to Coorong District Council and the Cities of Salisbury and Holdfast Bay for three amazing projects.

We also heard from Jodie Nevid who reminded us that what is impossible today is possible tomorrow and asked us to start removing barriers today to achieve that seemingly impossible goal.  Can you turn your council into a more fun place to work than Disneyland?  Yes you can!

To do this, we have to keep challenging the status quo.  What about paying local café owners to bring vibrancy to our mainstreets through outdoor dining, instead of charging them and making them fill out 13 forms every year to obtain an ‘outdoor dining licence’ (Mark Dowd)?

Does your council have an Innovation Strategy? Why not?

Norman Waterhouse Chairman of Partners Sean Keenihan busted 12 myths about what councils can and cannot do in economic development.  My personal favourite myth was: council planners can’t engage with developers to facilitate best outcomes before applications are lodged. BUSTED!

Author: Skana Gallery

For further information about what is happening in economic development in local government, please click here to visit the LGA website.

More leaders, less followers

Our leadership model has failed us badly. Never have we had such low levels of trust in our leaders – be they corporate, political or religious leaders.

It is not just how our organisations are led. 

Rather it is the way we think about leadership and how it ripples through an organisation.

Our leadership mindset can often be idealistic and is built on a hero leader model.  This directs us to an obsession with strong, individualistic, charismatic leaders who are e
xperienced, knowledgeable, powerful and who are in control of every situation.

Are these the leaders that will take us into a bright future?

Click here to read more.


Network News


GM Network

GM Network event - Define, Discover, Dream, Design and Destiny - 8 June 2016

  • How do you come up with innovative solutions or approaches?
  • What’s your process for generating ideas?

What was the event about?
The recent GM network workshop explored these concepts more closely.

Facilitated by Dr Lisa Daniel from the University of Adelaide Business School, the GMs were taken through a robust process to spark creativity and generate discussion.

What were the key points? 
What did attendees learn that they can use in their roles?

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Community Managers Network

1. Boom Boom Volunteering: harnessing the local power of baby boomers

The City of Tea Tree Gully and Campbelltown City Council will be holding a forum on Baby Boomer volunteering on Thursday 30 June 2016 from 9:30am to 3:00pm at the Marche Club, Darley Road, Paradise.  

Bernard Salt, Australia's leading social commentator will be discussing how to harness the volunteer power of Baby Boomers in local communities.

This event will be particularly useful for staff working with Baby Boomer volunteers and will explore the great value, needs and motivations of baby boom volunteers.

To  register and for further information please click here.

2. Working with Communities Workshop

Our first one day Induction Workshop ‘Working with Communities’ attracted 24 rural and metro participants from 8 different professions from Horticultural Tradesperson to Director of Community Services with both new local government and long term professionals participating.

This exciting initiative drew on the resources including links and videos in the Working with Communities in Local Government e-kit now available on our Network page for you to explore.

The session explored the evolution and changes in community development and local government since colonial times and the diversity of council’s services and approaches which exist today. We discussed the importance of understanding our councils, our possible partners and the legislation relevant to our field in order to achieve positive outcomes. Theory and examples of practice of community development and working with diversity of communities were shared.

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Leadership Lab

What’s happening in the Leadership Lab?

Inventing the unimaginable

At a recent Leadership Lab session, members were able to consider how we ‘Invent the Unimaginable’ during Adjunct Lecturer Max Zornada’s presentation.

The presentation posed questions such as:
  • Where do ideas come from?
  • What impact can they have?
  • If we can’t imagine their impact, how can we foster their development?
It quickly became apparent that a culture which supports innovation, creativity and experimentation at every level is critical to ‘inventing the unimaginable.’

We must ‘fail often in order to succeed sooner.’

Do you want to attend sessions at the Leadership Lab?  Firstly, you just have to be an LG Professionals SA member.  Then, just register as a member of the space and you are underway. 

To register, please contact Mel at and ask to join.


Appsolutely great Apps for you to try - stickK

Successful leaders consistently allocate time to work on their own development - with this app it's easier to stick to those time commitments.

It's not enough to just have goals.  You need an action plan and the establishment of a habit to make sure you continue to grow and succeed.

For example, a goal could be to get fitter - but the plan requires you to actually do something to make that happen - like going to the gym on a regular basis.

It's like that with professional development - you need to establish a goal (e.g. learn and implement new ideas) and then have an action plan - which may involve daily or weekly reading, networking and learning.

It's easy to get caught up in the 'urgent' rather than the 'important' which means these plan are often put aside. So apps like stickK can help - because they help you stick to your desired plan.

The fun thing is this app will actually cost you real money if you don't keep to your plan - how is that for motivation?  (the $$ go to your chosen cause)

Click here to learn more.

Tips and Ideas - pop up shop

Pop up shop collects thousands of ideas

Over the past year, the Christies Beach Business & Tourism Association has been inviting people to its pop-up shop on Beach Rd to share their ideas on how to transform the shopping strip.

About 6500 people have taken part, with suggestions including a boardwalk, tourist information centre, more street art and homewares and fashion outlets.

read more…

LG Professionals SA Promotions

Public Service Medal

The Public Service Medal recognises outstanding service by employees of the Australian, state, territory and local governments.

Nominations are now open for this year’s Public Service Medal.  Did you know that local government employees are eligible for nomination for this award?   This award is designed to recognise 'outstanding public service' - whether through leadership, service excellence, improved productivity and efficiency, or innovation in program, project or policy development.

Nominations are encouraged for any local government employee who has made an outstanding contribution, regardless of their age, length of service, or classification level.

What a great way to honour someone in the sector who has made an outstanding contribution. 

Guidelines and nomination forms are available here.  

For more information or to submit nominations in confidence, contact Matt Miles of the Australian Day Council of South Australia via email: or phone (08) 8463 5437.

The closing date for nominations for the Australia Day Honours List is 1 August 2016.



Movers and Shakers

  • Abigail Warren has commenced as Talent and Acquisition Advisor at City of Onkaparinga. Abigail was previously Senior Consultant - Executive at McArthur.
  • Kerry Loughhead has commenced as Executive Manager at Adelaide City Council.  Kerry was previously at City of Prospect. 
  • Yvette Van Berkel has commenced as Team Leader Information Governance at City of Onkaparinga. Yvette was previously at City of Mitcham.

    Adelaide City Council’s
    new executive team:
  • Clare Mockler has commenced in the role of Director Community. Clare has been with Adelaide City Council since 2002 and was most recently acting General Manager City Culture and Community Services
  • Justin Commons has commenced as Director Growth.  Justin was previously the Chief Executive Officer of Livingstone Council in Queensland and prior to that he was at the City of Prospect.
  • Beth Davidson-Park has commenced as Director Operations.  Beth joins Council from Anglicare where she was the General Manager Community and Housing and General Manager Community.
  • Steve Mathewson has commenced as Director Services. Steve has completed over eight years with the City of Onkaparinga (his second stint), most recently as Director Finance and Commercial and before that as Chief Financial Officer.

    Congratulations to all!



Upcoming Events and Programs

Want to know what exciting events are coming up with LG Professionals SA?  Please click here for a copy of our full 2016/17 Events and Program Calendar.



New Members
  • Ashleigh Atze, Rural City of Murray Bridge
  • Jaimi Bradshaw, City of Onkaparinga
  • James Brennan, City of Burnside
  • Stephanie Coughlin, Renmark Paringa Council
  • Morgan Ellingham, Campbelltown City Council
  • Ben Grant, City of Burnside
  • Lauren Grant, Adelaide City Council
  • Daniel Griffin, Yorke Peninsula Council
  • Mark Huxtable, City of Charles Sturt
  • Tim Jarrett, Alexandrina Council
  • Anthony Kalogerinis, City of Burnside
  • Sheridan Kempton, Alexandrina Council
  • John Mason, City of Onkaparinga
  • James Mitchell, City of Onkaparinga
  • Amber Nancarrow, District Council of Yankalilla
  • Jo Smith, City of Holdfast Bay
  • Kate Staples, City of Burnside
  • Nicholas Tallarida, City of Tea Tree Gully
  • Sean Teelow, City of Playford
  • Thuyen Vi-Alternetti, City of Salisbury
  • Emma Watkins, City of Onkaparinga
  • Anthony Zollo, City of Charles Sturt

Please make them feel welcome!

  LG Professional Magazine

LG Professional digital magazine.

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Emerging Leaders Program 2016

The 2016 Emerging Leaders Program commenced on 30 and 31 May 2016 with a two day residential retreat at the Monastery Function Centre.

Stephanie Coughlin, a 2016 participant, shares her thoughts on the program so far.

What are some of the key ideas that you got out of the ELP 2 day retreat, and what are you most looking forward to in the program?

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We have the ability to link and connect people from different councils who may not otherwise form relationships or share. 

Our high quality professional development programs and networking events are uniquely local government – reflective of the culture of the sector and sensitive to the needs of its professionals. 

The content of our events and programs are informed by our members and people who genuinely care about the sector. 

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We award and acknowledge achievements of excellence.

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