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October  2015

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A word from the CEO

This month marks one year since we changed our name from Local Government Managers Australia, SA Division to Local Government Professionals Australia, SA Division, and I think it’s fair to say it’s been our strongest year yet!

We have had a record 28 Emerging leaders, 450 attendees at our Awards dinner, a sell-out Women’s Conference, sell-out Engaging Citizens workshops, a packed annual conference, the list goes on.

Our Board has also adopted a new Strategic Plan founded on healthy relationships, a strong brand, continuous improvement and innovation and financial sustainability.

In the spirit of continuous improvement and to help us measure what we are doing well and what we can do better, please take some time out of your day to complete our annual survey – information below.

Finally, I’d like to congratulate  the following Board Members who have been elected unopposed:

To the position of President Elect:
Mark Dowd

To the position of Board Member:
Henry Inat
Kate Jessep
Jane Trotter
Victoria MacKirdy
Sarah Philpott



Annual Survey

Survey reminder - win a $300 Myer voucher for Christmas!

Just a quick reminder to please take a few minutes to complete our survey.

We highly value your feedback to inform our decision making and would be most appreciative if you could take a few minutes to complete our survey.  We will run this survey annually to help us gauge how we are going and what we can do better.

To complete the survey click here

The survey will close on 10 November.  Upon completion you will be entered to win a $300 Myer voucher just in time for Christmas! Yes, Christmas!


Calendar Reminders

Save the date/s

2016 Annual Conference ‘Mission ImPossible’ – Friday 19 February 2016, National Wine Centre

Professional Leaders Program  - commencing February 2016

Management Challenge – March 2016 – time to start thinking about putting in a team! The event will be launched nationally in late October.

2016 Leadership Excellence Awards Dinner – Friday 15 April 2016, Adelaide Entertainment Centre

Time to start thinking about nominating for one of the following categories.  The call for nominations will open soon.

  • Innovative Management Initiatives- Metropolitan Councils
  • Innovative Management Initiatives- Rural Councils
  • Emerging Leader of the Year
  • Community Partnerships and Collaboration
  • Excellence in Local Economic Development
  • Excellence in Environmental Leadership and Sustainability
  • Excellence in Sustainable Infrastructure and Asset Management
  • Excellence in Risk Management
  • Leadership in Community Services
  • Leadership in Financial Management
  • Excellence in Age Friendly Communities

Emerging Leaders Program – next program commences May 2016

Other Events
Want to know what exciting events are coming up with LG Professionals SA?  Please click here for a copy of our full 2015/16 Events and Program Calendar.


News Flash!

Rural Management Challenge 

And the Winner is…… Mid Murray Council!!!

Thursday 15 October saw 7 rural teams gather at the Chifley on South Terrace to compete in this year’s Rural Management Challenge. 

There was a buzz in the air as teams displayed a great level of energy, humour and team work, eager to take out the title of 2015 Rural Management Challenge Winner.

It was a tough race, but Mid Murray Council came out on top, followed by Wattle Range Council and Rural City of Murray Bridge.

A big thank you to all teams, our wonderful facilitator and volunteers for a fantastic day.

Thank you also to our Corporate partners LGFA, LGRS, McArthur, Statewide, Norman Waterhouse Lawyers and Telstra and to our Event Partners, UHY Haines Norton, Tonkin Consulting, Maloney Field Services and Civica for your valued support.

Please click here to view the photo gallery and a video of the day.



Member Profile - Proudly sponsored by

Henry Inat

This month we speak with Henry Inat, CEO of the Town of Gawler.

Henry talks about his experience to date, the challenges facing Gawler and what motivated his recent appointment to the LG Professionals SA Board.

Hi Henry, thanks for speaking with us.

What’s your current role, and what does it involve?
I’m the Chief Executive Officer at the Town of Gawler. I commenced this role in February 2012.

The role is both challenging and rewarding. Leading an organisation of 115 staff with a budget of approximately $25m has its diverse scope of issues and responsibilities. It's all about team work and getting the best out of people (both staff and elected members) to make positive contributions to the local community.

read more..



Sponsor Insight - LGFA


Industry Trends

Greek town trials driverless buses

Trikala, a rural town in northern Greece, has been chosen to test a driverless bus in real traffic conditions for the first time, part of a European project to revolutionize mass transport and wean its cities off oil dependency over the next 30 years.

Trials of the French-built CityMobil2 buses started last month and will last through late February.

Over the past year, CityMobil2 has been tried out near its base in La Rochelle in western France, on a campus in Lausanne, Switzerland, and near Helsinki, Finland, all in controlled conditions that produced no accidents.

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Personal Growth

7 tips to happiness at work

Started a new job only to discover it's a mine field of gossip and negativity? Is your workload causing your social life to shrivel up?

Whatever your issue, Dr Mary Casey shows us how to find happiness in the workplace.

read more..

Network News


Women's Network

The Women’s Network will be holding another ‘Ultimate Life Planning Workshop’ on Friday 20 November so for all of those who missed out on this event before you have another opportunity to attend.  Feedback from previous participants has confirmed that you’re sure to get a lot out of the day.

Nominations to join the Committee opened on Monday 26 October so if this is something you’d be interested in being a part of please put your name forward … we’d love to welcome you onboard!

We had a record attendance of 195 at our Women’s Conference on Friday 23 October was great to see so many of you there!  See the ‘recent events’ section below for a wrap up of the day.

Emma Morgan
Women’s Network Committee

CEO Network

CEOs are encouraged to attend the LGA CEO Residential Forum on the 12/13 November at the Glenelg Pier Hotel.

We will be co-facilitating a session on the Friday on CEO contracts and performance appraisal processes. It will be your chance to have input into these tools and templates.

Hope to see you there.

For more information or to register, please click here.

Leaders Alumni Network

All previous participants of the Emerging Leaders Program and Professional Leaders Program are encouraged to get involved with the Leaders Alumni events and opportunities designed to help your continued journey in local government leadership.

11 December 2015 - ELP Graduation
Save the Date to attend the 2015 ELP Presentation, Graduation and Celebration! The ELP is now in its 10th year and we will celebrate this milestone at the graduation ceremony. It's also a great opportunity to catch up with other Alumni.

Watch this space as we plan to bring many more opportunities to Leaders Alumni in the near future!

General Managers Network

Our last event for 2015 will be held at the Leadership Lab on the 6 November with a two hour workshop on the topic of Authentic Leadership run by Josie McLean.  All General Managers/Directors are encouraged to attend and join the other 30 GM’s who are already registered.

This is your opportunity to network and build relationships with each other in a learning and supportive environment.  We are also interested in any of your ideas for topics for future sessions. 

Please email Melanie Winter at or network chair, Jane Trotter at with any feedback or suggestions.

Jane Trotter
Chair GM Network

Community Managers Network

On Monday 12 October the Community Managers Network marked Anti-Poverty Week by holding a presentation to highlight the anti-poverty initiatives led by a number of Councils. This builds on our 2014 report which can be accessed here.

Thank you to those who shared their initiatives on the day and the City of Mitcham for hosting the session.

We heard an amazing array of stories from councils about the programs that they have run and some of the fantastic benefits realised for the community, including:
  • Adelaide City Council, City Anti-Poverty Initiatives – whose programs include community development grants and bringing together service providers for bi-monthly meetings to ensure the most effective delivery of services in the city.

  • City of Onkaparinga, Our Big Back Yard – an outdoor nature based play program which aims to encourage children and their parents to experience a sense of place and belonging in the Aldinga region by promoting a range of free outdoor activities through their children’s centres.

  • City of Playford, Food Co-op Initiative – a program running since 1996 to encourage the health and wellbeing of the local community by offering bulk, discounted and donated food to provide low cost and pre-packaged healthy meal options.

  • City of Charles Sturt, Employment Works Program – participants undertake a work program that provides benefit to the local community through the building and maintenance of local infrastructure which encourages community connection and provides the opportunity to learn skills to assist with employment pathways.

  • City of Mitcham –participants were taken on a tour of the Mitcham Cultural Village buildings including the art gallery, sewing room, local history office and Men’s Shed, all of which provide positive social and historical benefits to the local community.

Powerpoint slides of the day can be found here.  For further information on any of the above initiatives please feel free to contact the Community Managers Network via Melanie Winter

Terra Lea Ranson
Vice Chair
Community Managers Network


Human Resources Network

The next HR Network session will be held on Thursday 3 December at Adelaide City Council.  Please save the date, with more information to be released shortly.

The Thought Space

The Thought Space features recent events, comments and links to articles on leadership, personal development and innovation.

from Sarah McGregor, Manager Leadership Lab

Don’t let Project Creeps take over

Recently, a short engaging workshop was held at the Leadership Lab on the topic of ‘Project Creeps’ with experienced Executive Education Presenter Alina Lebed.

Many Project Managers will be familiar with this concept which is common in project development.  Ultimately, a project may get delayed when a variety of different ‘Creeps’ enter into the equation.

Some examples that were explored are things even the most experienced Project Managers should consider. These are detailed below:

1.    Scope Creep happens when the project continually changes beyond the original plan.  This can have significant consequences on budget and staff capacity and it should be a major consideration in project evolution.

2.    Hope Creep could be described as a symptom of our optimistic nature. Staff ‘hope’ to catch up on their delays, however fail to communicate this to the manager can impact the delay further as a result. The impact of Hope Creep can be substantial.

3.    Effort Creep is another frustrating challenge– whereby a significant amount of work is made but the task is not achieved. 

When talking about mental blocks or procrastination, some suggested mitigating strategies include time away from the desk, talking a walk, the ‘Pomodoro’ technique, or even talking to a teddy bear!

It sounds silly, but talking the problem out loud could help with clarifying the problem.

4.    Cost Creep is another one many will have come across over time.  How do you manage your budget and the interpersonal relationships when this happens?

Many times a Creep can be converted to a variation to allow for the changes, but this is not always the easiest solution.

Balancing the relationship between the project manager, client and other staff is a further consideration– where do you allow Creeps to happen, where do you stand strong, and where do you draw the line?

And when Creeps do rear their heads, as they always do, perhaps it is best to consider what your project priority is when trying to get back on track – is it quality, cost or time?

To express your interest in taking part in Project Management Courses please contact Melanie Winter on 8291 7994 or

  Tips and Ideas

Canva - amazingly simple design software

Think you need professional designer qualifications to create impactful designs?

Or maybe some expensive software?

The answer is no to both, now that Canva has come along.

It's online, it's free and it's a breeze to use.

There are even tutorials on design principles if you want to really show off.

Oh - and it's an Australian success story, developed in Sydney and now making headlines around the world.

Give it a try here..


Appsolutely great Apps for you to try

‘Run That Town’- Recently demonstrated at ELP session
Have you ever thought your local area could be run better? Well, why don’t we put you in charge?

Run That Town is a strategy game with a twist - it lets you take control of any neighbourhood in Australia. Use real Census data to discover who’s who in your area, and make decisions that will sway popular opinion in your favour.

What kind of leader will you be? Will you be showered with praise, or chased out of town by an angry mob?”

Available in the App Store - download today and see if you can Run That Town!

read more..


LG Professionals SA Annual General Meeting

Thursday 29 October 2015

Leadership Lab, Executive Education Unit, University of Adelaide

Click here to register your attendance.


Looking Back on SA -  Cruising to Port Lincoln from Adelaide

With the recent return of short cruises from Adelaide to Port Lincoln, we look back on a time when such trips were very common.

Adelaide Steamship Company ran cruises to Port Lincoln for over 50 years, and were very popular, especially in the 1950’s.

Ships such as the Minnipa and Moonta regularly made the journey, complete with around 150-400 passengers.  

The ships visited Port Lincoln, Whyalla, Port Augusta and Port Pirie, leaving Port Adelaide on Saturday and returning on Friday morning. Tours would be arranged in each of the towns in addition to the relaxation and entertainment offered on board ship.

Good meals and service, comfortable accommodation, deck games, swimming pool and fancy dress dances provided all the ingredients for a romantic holiday.

Read more..




LG Professionals SA Promotions

Emerging Leaders Program Update

On 24 September, a group of students participating in this years Emerging Leaders Program ran the ‘Sustainability’ module. There were interactive sessions to get people thinking and speakers who were diverse, honest and enlightening. 

Ms Kiki Magro, CEO of the Town of Walkerville, welcomed us and spoke passionately about the benefits and importance of resource sharing particularly in a small ‘boutique’ council such as Walkerville.

Mr Sean Keenihan, Chairman of Partners at Norman Waterhouse and Chairman of the South Australian Tourism Commission, gave an inspiring and motivating talk sharing some key case studies about the economic progress that can be made by local government when organisations are willing to take calculated (and legal) risks, form partnerships and expand their thinking.

The final speaker for the day was Colin Pitman, Consulting Engineer and Project Manager (with an instrumental role in Waterproofing Adelaide), who gave insight into what can be achieved by councils collaborating on projects, and when councils think ‘outside the square’, along with the challenges faced. He also outlined the success story of the Salisbury Water Project that uses recycled water to irrigate local parks and is sold to local business.

The interactive sessions were enjoyed by the group, almost as much as the chocolate prizes… One session saw participants engaging with an asset management tool where the aim was to have the lowest average age per road with the least expenditure after ten years for a hypothetical road network. This was made even more realistic as hypothetical resident’s suggestions and complaints were delivered along the way. 

Another session involved the ‘Run That Town’ iPhone app put together by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, with participants aiming to develop a hypothetically undeveloped ‘Norwood’ within its financial means while also engaging and taking into consideration the local community needs using real data. Balancing finances and approval ratings proved a difficult feat throughout the process.

The day’s programming highlighted the need for local government to use a diversity of approaches in order to remain economically, environmentally and socially sustainable. It also highlighted the difficulties involved when trying to balance the wants and needs of the community with the ever present budget restraints.

Thank you to our amazing speakers and to everyone who participated to make this another great Emerging Leaders Program day and Town of Walkerville for hosting the session.

ELP Participants Sustainability Module Organising Group



  • Anna Barton commenced with City of Tea Tree Gully on 6 October as Team Leader Community Development. Anna was previously a General Manager at Baptist Care.
  • Ravi Joshi commenced with the District Council of Loxton Waikerie as Manager Infrastructure Services.  Ravi was previously at Whyalla City Council. 
  • John Hausler has commenced at the District Council of Loxton Waikerie as Director Corporate and Community Services. John was previously at SA Water.
  • Steve Chapple of Wattle Range Council has been promoted from Manager Economic Development to Director Development Services.
  • Kim Shearing commenced with City of Holdfast Bay on 19 October as Business Partner, People & Culture.
  • Trish Aukett, of City of Holdfast Bay has been promoted to the position of General Manager, Community Services.
  • Tomas Alves has commenced at City of Charles Sturt as Coordinator Customer Experience. Tomas was previously at City of Salisbury. 
  • Kathy Jarrett has been appointed as Executive Director, Corporate and Member Services at the LGA, formerly at the City of Marion.

    Congratulations to all!



 Upcoming Events and Programs

1. LG Professionals SA Annual General Meeting
Thursday 29 October 2015
Leadership Lab, Executive Education Unit, University of Adelaide
Click here to register your attendance.

2. Engaging Citizens in Local Government Workshop- Third and final workshop!
Thursday 5 November 2015
City of Burnside
Click here for more information

3. General Managers/Director Network Forum
Authentic Leadership
Friday 6 November 2015
Leadership Lab, Executive Education Unit, University of Adelaide
Click here to view the program and register

4. Ultimate Life Planning Workshop
Friday 20 November 2015
AIM SA, Hindmarsh
Click here for more information and to register

Other Events

Want to know what exciting events are coming up with LG Professionals SA?  Please click here for a copy of our full 2015/16 Events and Program Calendar.



Recent Events

Annual Women’s Conference- ‘Yes You Can!’

Almost 200 women converged at the Sanctuary Adelaide Zoo on Friday 23 October for the Annual Women’s Network Conference.

This year’s theme was YES YOU CAN and made for a fantastic positive and inspiring day for those who attended. Many of the guests made the most of the animal print in their wardrobes which added to a fun day.
  • Janet O’Hehir from the SAHMRI Wellbeing and Resilience Centre spoke on the concept of positive psychology and how we can apply it to our lives and those of our community, providing some take away tips on how to cultivate gratitude to improve our mindset.

  • Helen Stewart from Telstra spoke of her career journey through the telecommunications industry and how she uses rapidly advancing technology to get the most out of her day.

  • Felicity-ann Lewis, former Mayor City of Marion and 2014 South Australian of the year spoke of her personal and career journey and current research which has highlighted some barriers to women’s career growth.

  • Jodie Nevid from the 7 Effect ran a high energy session on taking the time to celebrate our successes, set goals and slow down.

  • Elaine Bensted the CEO of Zoos SA provided a highly inspirational story of her career growth and her tips for success.

  • A panel consisting of Kiki Magro, Bobbi Pertini, Amanda Green and Carlee Evans shared their personal stories on work life blending, saying no and who inspires them.

Positive feedback was received from the delegates, with guests sharing what they most liked about the conference including:

“Time out to share with likeminded women to stop and be reminded about what matters”

“The honesty and transparency of the speakers”

“Opportunity to be exposed to a range of speakers and network”

“All the presentations were fantastic”

PowerPoint presentations and photos from the day will be available soon on the Women’s Network page of the LG Professionals SA website.

Many thanks to everyone who attended, our guest speakers, corporate partners and event sponsors.


  LG Manager Magazine

LG Manager digital magazine.

Click here to view the latest edition.



National News

LGMA National becomes LG Professionals Australia

A whole new look but the same Values and Mission - LGMA National is now LG PROFESSIONALS AUSTRALIA

A lot has changed in the local government sector since our association was formed in 1936, but one thing remains true, and that’s our commitment to promote professional development, best practice, and deliver partnership opportunities for Australian councils and their staff. We’ve changed our name and our logo to better reflect what we stand for and the value we provide as the peak voice for local government professionals, with the support of our Federation partners.

LG Professionals Australia is the peak association for local government, working on behalf of employees for more than 78 years to promote professional development, best practice and deliver partnership opportunities for Australian councils. 

Our mission is to facilitate unique opportunities at a national level to attract the best and brightest to the sector. We look beyond Australian shores and coordinate international partnerships with sister organisations to learn and share with our international peers.


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About LG Professionals Australia, SA

LG Professionals SA s a not-for-profit member based association representing professionals working in local government in South Australia. 

We have the ability to link and connect people from different councils who may not otherwise form relationships or share. 

Our high quality professional development programs and networking events are uniquely local government – reflective of the culture of the sector and sensitive to the needs of its professionals. 

The content of our events and programs are informed by our members and people who genuinely care about the sector. 

We provide a safe and supportive environment in which to grow and learn while creating opportunities to make time away from the office to work on the business or on self. 

We award and acknowledge achievements of excellence.

We are proud to be part of a national federation of state based Local Government Professionals Australia, supported by a national office dedicated to supporting the national local government sector.


LG Professionals SA    5 Hauteville Tce, Eastwood SA SA 5063   Ph: 8291-7990



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