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What have the Emerging Leaders got to do with B.F. Skinner?

B.F. Skinner was perhaps the most famous of behavioural psychologists.  He is listed as the most influential psychologist of the 20th century.

In the mid 1900's, Skinner tested the behavior of lab rats, birds, other animals and later, people, when presented with different types of positive and negative reinforcement.

A simple example - when you praise an employee for their good work, they are more inclined to seek further reinforcement by continuing to deliver good results. 

Sometimes, we need to start by "catching the employee doing something right" so we can begin this praise cycle.  This principle is a fundamental cornerstone of the "One Minute Manager" by Kenneth Blanchard.

Our 2011 Emerging Leaders program began last month, with 18 Local Government professionals starting their journey into management and leadership.

Understanding the principles of human behaviour, the importance of good leadership, clearly defined work objectives and positive management of staff are just parts of the overall Emerging Leader program that will help make our participants more successful managers and leaders.

Please enjoy the newsletter, and I hope to see you at an LGMA event in the near future.




Member Profile - Jane Trotter

Each month we will place the spotlight on a LGMA (SA) member, and find out what makes them tick.

This month, we are speaking with Jane Trotter from the City of Salisbury.

Jane is also a LGMA National board member and a LGMA (SA) divisional board member.

Hi Jane – thanks for spending a few minutes with us for our LGMA (SA) newsletter. 




Industry Trends - Keep your social media policy simple

(from our colleagues at the ICMA)

An employee handbook is intended to help employees know and understand an organisation’s specific operating policies. This information can increase their productivity and decrease the potential for legal liability. One way to educate employees on modern communication tools and their use in the workplace is to include a social media policy in the handbook. Keeping these policies simple can be beneficial.

In the May 2011 issue of Public Management (PM) magazine article, “Keep It Simple, Avoid a Complicated Social Media Policy for Your Employee Handbook,” author Rayan Coutinho offers 14 concepts that can be tailored to a community’s needs: 


Country Spotlight

This month we speak with the Administrator of one of South Australia's  fastest growing areas - Bill Boehm from Roxby Council.

What is your professional background?

Bachelor Civil Engineering. Grad Dip Municipal Engineering, Building Surveying and Local Government Management.  30 years in Local Government in engineering, planning and management fields, all of which has been in rural and regional areas in Victoria and South Australia

What Council are you currently working at, and how long have you been there?

Administrator Roxby Council for past 12 years

Why did you decide to work for a country council?

Opportunity for wider civil engineering experience, in part to assist in a obtaining a the Municipal Engineers Certificate in Victoria, as well as an opportunity for a different non-city lifestyle.


Network News

Community Managers Network

Aim: To provide leadership and support for people working in the Community Development and Community Services Sector within Local Government and related organisations.

Save the date: R U Ready? Volunteering for a Sustainable Future: Volunteer Management Conference 1 & 2 August 2011. Details here...

Emerging Leaders Alumni Network

Aim: Bringing together professionals that have completed the Emerging Leaders Program to network, socialize and further develop their skills and contacts.

The newly appointed chair of the ELA network gives his maiden address here...
Women’s Network

Aim: The focus of the network is to maintain and improve the role of women employed in Local Government and identify and provide opportunities to network and /or gain development and training.

Annual Women’s Network Dinner, (details below in upcoming events)
Registrations close May 30!

Save the Date: Women’s Network Conference : scheduled for 26 October 2011, venue to be announced.



Tips and Ideas - Stop making boring presentations!

Ever sat through a really boring presentation?  Yes, we all have!

Well, now there's an alternative to static charts and slides.  It's called PREZI and it seems to be becoming more popular across Local Government.

Give it a try - it will help keep your audience more engaged!

click here to go to the Prezi website.


Upcoming Events

LGMA (SA) Emerging Leaders Alumni Network Social Event

26 May 2011 04:00 PM • Norman Waterhouse Lawyers, Level 15, 45 Pirie Street, Adelaide SA 5000


LGMA (SA) 2011 Annual Women's Network Dinner

REGISTER NOW...Only 3 working days to register... Closing Monday 30 May 2011...Not to be missed...!

Come along to wine and dine, be entertained and hear from a fantastic speaker 'Diarmid Lee' on 'Women, Work & the Art of Networking'. 

3 Jun 2011 06:30 AM • Next Generation Memorial Drive, War Memorial Drive North Adelaide SA




Local Government Consolidation...a perspective from the Australian Centre of Excellence for Local Government.

A recurrent theme in local government reform has been the issue of municipal amalgamation and the various benefits which are assumed to flow from it. There have been many commissions and reports aimed at reforming local government and almost all have had as a major focus the question of optimum size and efficiency. The reports of these enquiries, together with the academic research in Australia, New Zealand and internationally, represent a huge body of literature, sometimes contradictory, often heavily focused on economic arguments to the exclusion of other issues – such as the importance of good governance and effective local democracy and representation – and rarely inclusive of any evaluation of the post-reform experience.



Social Media Workshop 8 July 2011
facebook, twitter, linked in, myspace......?

How can Local Government navigate this minefield to get the best results and avoid the pitfalls?

Do you want to:

  • DISCOVER which tool is best for which job
  • MAXIMISE your communication strategy
  • GENERATE the best conversational outcomes
  • UNCOVER which metrics are relevant for your council
  • ANSWER the CEO’s “What’s the ROI?” question

Then make sure you are at this workshop, to be run by Lee Hopkins. Lee is a nationally recognised GURU on this topic, who normally charges thousands of dollars per day to consult with industry and government leaders.  Here's your chance to get high-value information and advice at a fraction of the normal cost....


New Members

Please welcome our new LGMA (SA) Members this month:

Ms Amy Birss Assistant Organisational Development Advisor City of Charles Sturt
Ms Anne Ellis Team Leader Community Development, Community Centres Adelaide Hills Council
Mr Anthony Marroncelli Manager, Development Services City of Holdfast Bay
Ms Bobbi Atherton HR Advisor District Council of Yorke Peninsula
Ms Bree Hislop
City of West Torrens
Mr Brett Steiner Strategic Planner City of Tea Tree Gully
Ms Carol Neil Director, Community and Cultural Development City of Tea Tree Gully
Mr Dale Sutton Engagement Co-ordinator City of Onkaparinga
Mr Darren Humphrys
Adelaide City Council
Mr Gavin Hean Supervisor Civil Works Adelaide Hills Council
Ms Helen Robins Rapid Response Manager City of Prospect
Mr Ian Wise Assistant Building Surveyor Campbelltown Council
Mr Jack Darzanos Acting Manager Environmental Services City of Mitcham
Ms Jo Maiden Volunteer Development Officer City of Onkaparinga
Mr John Hughes Chief Executive Officer Coomalie Community Government Council
Ms Karyn Ryan Project Officer Elections City of Onkaparinga
Ms Kate Symes Policy Officer - Environment and Infrastructure Local Government Association
Ms Kristie Johnson Communications Advisor City of Charles Sturt
Mr Mike Foenander Help Desk Coordinator City of Salisbury
Mr Nick Brown Executive Officer Southern Region Waste Resource Authority
Ms Nicole Moore Environmental Health Officer City of Onkaparinga
Ms Rabecka Mazzeo
City of West Torrens

Not yet a member?  Join now! 


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