Our coaching panel is passionate about helping you, your team and your organisation unlock potential and maximise performance


Our panel delivers coaching across the following areas:

  • Leadership coaching at all levels (including optional assessment tools and debriefs)
  • Team and group coaching
  • Transition coaching
  • Career coaching

Coaching is a partnership designed to help you achieve your goals in a way that works for you. Recognising that every coaching journey is unique, through our panel we can offer you:

  • a diverse range of high-quality coaching with varying specialisations
  • assisted coach/coachee matching
  • 1-on-1 coaching engagements, either on a short-term or long-term basis
  • tailored in-house coaching programs
  • administration of your coaching journey or program.



Kate Staples
Manager Professional Development & Networks

  e: kate@lgprofessionalssa.org.au
  p: 08 8291 7996

Our Coaches

Kay Hannaford

After more than 10,000 hours of mentoring and coaching, Kay loves supporting leaders in their personal and professional development.

​Her rewards are always her clients’ successes – from simply seeing things in new ways to achieving major victories.

Few people are fortunate to do something for a living that they really love. That’s what she wants for her clients and it's why Kay called her business Thank God It’s Monday. 

With a background in education, media and communication, she has worked in the public sector, her own businesses, as a senior executive in a global company and as a director on a number of Boards. 

Kay is an accredited counsellor, facilitator, art therapist, emotional Intelligence practitioner, executive coach and mentor.  As an Associate of the Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership in Sydney, she coaches and conducts coach training on IECL's behalf.

Her clients are senior executives and leadership teams across a broad range of sectors in Australia and overseas. Partnering with leaders in ways that enable them to free themselves 
from their own limitations, create new possibilities and achieve the results they want is, for Kay, an enormous privilege.

Pete Holliday

An organisational futurist, leadership development expert and keynote speaker with over 15 years experience in partnering with and developing senior leaders, executives and CEO’s. Formerly Deputy CEO of the Leaders Institute of South Australia and Chief Operating Officer of the Holos Group one Australia’s most creative leadership consulting agencies.

He is a strong believer that many of the approaches we currently undertake to develop leaders and organisations is no longer relevant or robust enough to solve the increasingly complex challenges we face on a day to day basis.

A recent contributor to a global white paper on the future of leadership development by 30 experts from around the world by Nick Petrie and the Centre for Creative Leadership.

Pete’s approach to coaching and organisational development is one that focuses on creating exceptional leaders and organisations by developing individuals, teams to meet the needs of the rapidly changing and complex marketplace we now face on a daily basis.

Faye Bound

Faye’s professional career, spanning more than 25 years, has included roles in Leadership, Management, Sales, Organisational Development, Customer Service, Learning, Marketing, Public Relations and Business Analysis. These roles have been with leading national and international organisations in the Financial Services, Human Resource Consulting, and Management Consulting industry sectors.

Faye has a passion for assisting others to realise their potential, and loves turning theoretical concepts into practical applications. Having worked for nearly 25 years in the Corporate sector in various team, Senior Management and Executive roles, she has an affinity with people in transition to management roles.

Amanda Sheedy

Amanda is a skilled consultant and facilitator specialising in leadership coaching, change management, culture change, business improvement and project management.

Over the last 30 years Amanda has worked with both private and public organisations across diverse industry sectors including defence, mining, utilities, financial and insurance with a proven track record in leading large scale and complex business transformation projects.

As a Neuroleadership coach Amanda’s passion is working with teams and individuals to identify and enhance strengths, qualities and capabilities to optimise business and personal outcomes.

Underpinned by the latest in neuroscience research Amanda brings a brain friendly coaching approach to challenge, motivate and inspire individuals to achieve their goals by developing new ways of thinking.

A highly-driven individual, Amanda’s motivation comes from her ability to make a difference, working with organisations to find solutions, coaching and developing business leaders and teams to realise all change is possible.

Nick Petrucco

Nick Petrucco is an experienced Executive Coach and leadership consultant who brings a breadth of diverse global, industry and business experience. Most commonly working with organisations experiencing transformation, often rapid which require leaders and teams to develop greater agility, cohesion and resilience. Nick’s consultancy has seen him work closely with all levels of Management from Executives, People and Operational leaders, Frontline team leaders through to technical specialists. Nick’s core professional experience is in the areas of people and culture strategy, executive coaching, leadership development, employee engagement, team effectiveness, group facilitation and change management.

Nick Petrucco has recently held Executive roles working with the City of Port Phillip as the Executive Director People and Culture (based in Melbourne) leading a significant cultural transformation for the 1000+ workforce culminating in the organisation being recognised as the industry benchmark for engagement and alignment. Previous to that Nick was the Global Head Organisation Development with WorldFish (based in Malaysia). This role presented at a critical time for an organisation experiencing a difficult transformation within a complex funding dynamic. Nick led a comprehensive and impactful suite of people investments throughout the 8 developing countries in which WorldFish was working. These initiatives focused on individual behaviour and performance as well as creating a cohesive and interdependent senior leadership group of over 70 global leaders focused on executing delivery of agreed global Must-Win strategies.

Nick holds a Masters in Professional Education and Training, a Bachelor of Social Science and is an alumni coach with the Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership. Nick is also accredited in a wide range of leadership, team and cultural development tools.

Gary Edwards

Gary is a keynote speaker, coach and consultant who takes business leaders, sales people, entrepreneurs and service staff “behind the smoke and mirrors” and shoes them how to build their ability to influence their future.

Lawyer, magician, negotiator, comedian, speaker, Gary is an expert in the art and science of influence – the key ability that businesses will need to navigate a future where everything is not quite what it seems.

For the past 20 years, Gary has worked with business leaders, entrepreneurs, sales people and service teams who want to survive the challenges of change and build successful, sustainable businesses.

Gary is a member and former State President of Professional Speakers Australia, a member of the Global Speakers Federation, and conducts research at the leading edge of trust-based influence as it applies to leadership, sales and change.

Rick Mason

Rick Mason has held senior positions in Sydney and Adelaide, managed his own businesses and worked in Sales, Marketing and Client Services for international and medium size companies.  He has worked extensively with people from all walks of life.  He currently provides consultancy services to a number of Outplacement Companies and works as a Career Adviser with Uni SA. He assists clients ranging from blue collar workers to those with senior and executive positions with career transitions necessitated through redundancy and/or Retirement options.  He also Coaches and Counsels privately to clients in a range of areas concerning Business Development, Career Management and Retirement Planning (or Fulfilment in Ageing) and Personal Issues and uses Acceptance and Commitment Therapy techniques and resources where appropriate.

The international model; Acceptance and Commitment Therapy/Training (ACT) provides clients with skills to manage self-doubt and negative thinking to move to values based goal setting and letting go of the negative self-talk and fears that affect us all.

Rick has developed a Motivation and Values Based Goal Setting Program and delivered this to over 600 individuals and groups since 2006.  Rick has a history of being able to motivate and support clients, often with complex barriers, and has a track record in assisting people to implement action towards their personal and vocational goals. This readily leads to the achievement of desired outcomes often in a short time frame.

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